Jacobs, Scholz & Wyler, LLC is dedicated to the preservation of Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. We are proud to celebrate 45 years of legal service to our hometown and remain steadfast in our commitment to its future conservation.

Jacobs, Scholz & Wyler, LLC

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Amelia Island Fernandina Restoration Foundation Inc. was formed to raise funds for the restoration of the city. Buddy Jacobs was named its pro bono executive director, and the restoration of downtown Fernandina Beach was underway. The University of Florida School of Architecture created the required drawings of the significant Fernandina Beach buildings to place in the Library of Congress, along with completing work that resulted in thirty (30) downtown blocks to be placed on the National Register of Historic Sites and Places. On behalf of the foundation, our law firm, along with others, applied for and received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts City Design Program to complete the restoration plan.

With the assistance of Florida Senator Lawton Chiles, our firm applied for funding from the United States Economic Development Administration and was awarded one of the administration’s largest grants — $1.353 million for the restoration of six blocks of downtown Fernandina Beach. The diligence of each Fernandina Beach city commission since 1976 symbolizes how the restoration has continued to be a success.

Our firm was appointed general counsel for the Ocean Highway and Port Authority from 1978 – 1996. After many years of planning, we helped create a $100 million bond issue to restore and build the Port of Fernandina.

The Port of Fernandina was opened. More than 300 ships visit each year, which is reminiscent of port traffic at the turn of the century. As support for the port developed that year, our firm helped produce a $65 million bond issue for the development of the Fernandina-Yulee International Trade Plex. In 1993, Georgia Pacific opened its regional headquarters in the center. Today, the port and trade plex’s nearly 500,000 square feet of space generates approximately $25 million for the economy of Fernandina Beach and Nassau County.

Jacobs Scholz & Associates was involved in the appropriation of $1 million for the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport.

When Nassau County sought to extend SR-A1A from I-95 to Callahan, Jacobs Scholz & Associates caused the appropriation of $28 million for the project.

Preserving Amelia Island’s Natural Environment Is Our Priority

The firm negotiated with the state of Florida on behalf of the owners of 250 acres on the south end of Amelia Island to be sold for $8.3 million as part of the “Save Our Coast” land acquisition program. Thus, South Amelia Island State Park was established.

1984 to 2007
We are devoted to preserving Amelia Island’s beaches. Our firm represented the South Amelia Island Shore Stabilization Association in its acquisition of approximately $35 million worth of sand for the beaches of South Amelia Island from federal and state sources, including preservation of the 250-acre Marine Hammock forest. As part of this negotiation, on behalf of the state of Florida, the Memorandum of Understanding ensures that all breach-compatible sand that is dredged from the Kings Bay Submarine Base channel be placed upon the beaches of Amelia Island. We were involved in securing the necessary easements and funding for the preservation of Amelia Island’s northern beaches. $16 million was appropriated for this project.

On behalf of the owners of Martin’s Island, the 100-acre island west of Fernandina Beach, our firm helped negotiate the purchase of the property by the state of Florida to maintain the island’s natural condition.

The firm helped negotiate on behalf of the landowners for the preservation of Tiger Island. It is now property of the state of Florida and will be maintained forever in its natural environment.

When rising water levels began to damage areas of downtown Fernandina Beach, Jacobs Scholz & Associates represented the City of Fernandina Beach in appropriating $900,000 from the State of Florida for storm water management.


When Wal-Mart planned to build a supercenter just outside the Fernandina Beach city limits on Amelia Island, our firm, along with the downtown merchants association and other individuals, was successful in getting the plans adjusted. The  Wal-Mart Supercenter was built near Yulee.

Jacobs Scholz & Associates celebrates its 45th anniversary.